It's essential to create a healthy and productive space for leaders, teachers, employees, clients, patients or customers to be receptive, present and engaged.

Essential Clarity is our service that sets the foundation for healthy and productive existing commercial environments. We identify and assist you in eliminating the interferences that diminish your health, success and happiness.

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Employee engagement, health issues and chronic stress in the workplace costs companies billions each year. Toxins within commercial environments create stress responses within people's bodies which compound mental, emotional and physical challenges. Reducing these exposures is key to creating a healthy, productive environment. 

Step 1: Assess The Space

We assess the essential layers of environmental influences to determine what is needed to create a space that supports your health, well-being and clarity. After determining these factors we will give you tangible options to reduce or eliminate harmful exposures. We provide a report and education about our discoveries, so that you can make informed choices about creating the intentional environment you desire.  

Depending on the environment and condition of the occupants, the length and depth of this process will vary.

Aspects Assessed:

  • Electropollution from building wiring, electronics, appliances, or external power lines

  • Electropollution from broadcast radiation- radio and cell phone antennas, Wi-Fi and other types of microwave radiation

  • Geopathic Stress caused by anomalies in the earth's magnetic field

  • Air Quality issues, such as chemical off-gassing of materials, mold, dust, particulates, fresh air and filtration

Step 2: Adjusting The Space

We help you to prioritize and implement a mitigation plan that is customized to your needs and budget. We consult with you about products, materials and offer support to contractors or any other professionals needed to create Essential Clarity in your environment.

Depending on the environment and condition of the occupants, the length and depth of this process will vary.

Aspects that May be Adjusted:

  • Electropollution may be reduced as needed by different methods - fixing wiring errors, de-energizing circuits, filtering dirty power, or using shielding materials such as paints, window films, foils and fabrics

  • Geopathic Stress may be adjusted

  • Filtration and ventilation may be used to improve air quality

  • Consulting with home owners, tenents, landlords and trades people to guide and support the most beneficial outcome

Step 3: Maintaining Clarity

Over time, factors external and internal to your environment can shift and change. We recommend doing periodic tune-up visits to ensure that the space continues to hold the clarity intended for the space. We determine if any adjustments are needed and help facilitate them, as well as provide education and support to enhance your space to support you. 

Potential Maintenance Adjustments:

  • Electropollution dynamics from electronics, cell phone towers/antennas or internal wireless broadcasts

  • Geopathic Stress dynamics that may have shifted 

  • Air Quality issues, such as chemical off-gassing of materials introduced to the space, mold, dust, particulates, fresh air and filtration

By creating Essential Clarity your business can begin to experience:

  • Reduced health care costs
  • Strengthened wellness and well-being
  • Higher engagement and productivity
  • Improved memory, mental clarity and focus
  • Enhanced communication and cooperative teamwork 
  • Higher employee retention rates

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