Our hearts, brains, nervous systems and communication between our bodies' cells are regulated with natural bio-electrical signals. Man-made EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) can interfere with the body's healthy communication, create internal stress and illness.

As the use of cell phones, Wi-Fi and higher frequency electric fields from building wiring increase, rates of disease and disorders are skyrocketing:

memory loss • attention issues • headaches • insomnia • anxiety • depression • chronic fatigue • allergy stress responses • cancers • chemical and electro-sensitivities

While it is impossible to completely avoid EMR in society, we can reduce exposures in critical spaces - especially where we sleep and work.

The Importance of Clear Sleeping Environments

Sleep is extremely important to your health, well-being and performance. By reducing EMR exposure in your bedroom, you can create more natural conditions for your body to reach the deepest stages of sleep, vital to detoxification and feeling well rested. 

  • Improve and prevent adverse health conditions 

  • Experience restorative sleep, enhancing all aspects of life

  • Create conditions that support the health of your children, pets and family

The Importance of Clear Working Environments

Mental clarity, focus and creativity are all diminished when the body is overstimulated. Exposures to EMR in working spaces from computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas and wiring can affect muscle tension, mental fog, irritability, headaches and concentration issues. Creating low EMR working spaces can have a powerful impact on performance.

  • Improve concentration and productivity

  • Reduce stress and enhance job satisfaction 

  • Create conditions that support your health and vitality at work

Services Addressing Electropollution

 The Inzone      Essential Clarity   •  The Right Site   Intentional Building       


The BioInitiative Report provides a deeper dive into the health effects of EMR. This international initiative examines the research of over 3800 studies on EMR, reviews the current exposure standards and finds that they are far from adequate to protect public health. Its findings and recommendations have led to the reductions of exposure guidelines for many countries in Europe, Austria, New Zealand, Israel and others. The report has also inspired the removal of Wi-Fi networks in public buildings, schools, libraries, businesses and homes.