There are many considerations to weigh when you buy, rent, build or remodel. Each location has relative advantages and limitations. We provide you with knowledge and insights that not only inform you about whether or not it's the best location for your purposes, but also about how environmental factors will inform building design or mitigation options.

Creating an intentional environment includes adjusting and improving any dwelling or commercial location to better align with your needs and goals.

However, assessing locational factors of a home or building that will influence occupant's well-being, productivity and success is wise, and sometimes critical.

We evaluate the site and help you to determine if the location has the potential and what may be needed to create a space that sustainably supports your budget and intended use.

Factors to assess:


Proper distance from power lines, radar, cellular and radio antennas is important. It is also important to make sure neighbor's devices are not creating elevated exposures. 

We help you measure and assess the site to determine if the levels of radiation are within acceptable ranges. If shielding materials would be needed to reduce exposures, we help provide the best options for your needs and budget.


Spending significant time over anomalies in the earth's magnetic field saps your energy, immune system, ability to focus and can cause great distress in your life. 

When you live or work in a geologically disturbed location, it often requires maintenance to keep it clear. It's ideal to avoid such anomalies all together and when building new, we help site the building and guide floor plan design considering the placement of bedrooms and other critical areas in the best relative locations.

Incorporating the wisdom of Feng Shui, we assess the subtle energy qualities of a location and evaluate how they would impact your health, well-being and performance.  

Energetic residue from previous occupants of the land, home or building can significantly impact the next owners or occupants. By assessing the energy of the site we can determine if it supports your needs and what would be needed to improve the energy.