Experience more of your potential in an intentional environment.

The Inzone Service

Create optimal rooms or entire environments customized for performance and renewal.

An Inzone™ provides the critical space and practices needed to restore your energy, focus and clarity. Create an Inzone in your business or home to strengthen your health, well-being and performance. You’ll be amazed by what more you can accomplish when you create the space and routines that free you from stress and support you to be your best self.

Inzone - Commercial 

  • Creative, Renewal & Meditation Spaces
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Spas & Retreats
  • Yoga Studios

Inzone -  Residential 

  • Sleeping Rooms
  • Nursery 
  • Living Areas
  • Personal Renewal Spaces

Essential Clarity Service

Identify and eliminate the toxins and interferences to strengthen your health, well-being and success. 

Essential Clarity sets the foundation for creating healthy and productive spaces in existing commercial and residential environments. Have your space assessed. Take the steps to create clarity and relieve the environmental stressors that hold you back. 

Essential Clarity - Commercial

Essential Clarity - Residential 

Conscious Building & Design Services

Be intentional about finding, building and remodeling your environments.  

Consciously build your living and work environments from the ground up. Understand the properties of your land selection. Intentionally build using healthy, sustainable materials and practices. And design the interior to support your health, well-being and productivity. 

The Right Site

Intentional Building

Interior Energy Design


  • A stronger sense of well-being – personally and professionally
  • Higher levels of energy, clarity, creativity and productivity
  • Improved health and immunity
  • Enhanced ability to maintain positive thoughts and emotions that affect the quality of all relationships
  • Living healthfully and responsibly creates positive impact locally and globally