The Inzone™ Service:

We help you to completely layout, design and create an optimal, healthy space that supports people to create healthy work/life patterns in a consistent and sustainable way. 

We assist you in creating all aspects of The Inzone. Whether you are considering building new, or remodeling a space, The Inzone service supports you to plan and custom build the space to meet your specific needs and goals. We provide interior design services and coordinate the installation of all the materials, finishes and furnishings that create The Inzone.

We also provide complementary services such as mindfulness and meditation practices, wellness classes and strategies or techniques that optimize your use of The Inzone to receive the most benefits from this intentional space.  

  • Shielded from detrimental electromagnetic radiation (EMR) interferences
  • Furnished using healthy, green materials and designed to fit your needs and style 
  • These holistically designed rooms are energetically balanced using the principles of Feng Shui

The Inzone - Business

Innovation Inzone

Inzone Conference Rooms

The Inzone is a game changing tool for creating a healthy, creative and productive business culture. Creating spaces free from environmental stresses naturally increases your ability to perform, communicate and collaborate. Layer in simple practices designed to strengthen your physical, emotional and mental capacity and you elevate everything you do. 

Renewal & Creative Inzone

Inzone Renewal Rooms 

Expand your capacity and potential through renewal practices that restore your personal energy. Experience how brief recovery periods increase your ability to stay focused and hit highly productive flow states. The Inzone renewal rooms allow you to make the ultimate use of your time.

The Inzone - Wellness

Health Care Facilities 

Health Care1.jpg

The Inzone provides an optimal healing space for traditional and holistic healthcare. Create treatment rooms and reduce patient stress, so they remain calm, open and receptive. Design staff renewal spaces for quality breaks to restore their energy and enhance their ability to care for others. 


Spas & Retreat Centers

Create the optimal conditions for your clients to renew, recharge and restore their personal energy. An Inzone reduces the environmental stress and supports healing and expansion on all levels. It provides the space and clarity that leads to deeper connections and transformational experiences. 


Yoga Studios

TrueNature Yoga2.jpg

Design a studio that allows your clients to access higher connections through physical practices. The Inzone naturally facilitates your ability to open and be present. It makes it easier for clients to go deeper and feel stronger. Enrich the experiences you create and expand your ability to serve.