Step 1: Assess the Space

In order to create a custom optimal room to use for an Inzone, we assess all the layers of environmental influences to determine what is needed to bring the space up to the Inzone standards. The space needs to be free of environmental interference and incorporate design elements that create a healthy and empowering space. After determining these factors, we provide you with a report and cost proposal to create your Inzone

Aspects Assessed:

  • Electropollution from building wiring, electronics, appliances, or external power lines

  • Electropollution from broadcast radiation from radio and cell phone antennas, Wi-Fi and other types of microwave radiation

  • Geopathic Stress caused by anomalies in the earth's magnetic field

  • Air Quality issues, such as chemical off-gassing of materials, mold, dust, particulates, fresh air and filtration

  • Subtle Energy issues and Feng Shui interior design

Step 2: Create the Inzone

We help you to make informed choices about the designed space of The Inzone, incorporating healthy and eco-friendly materials, furnishings and decor that supports the qualities you intend. We help you shield and reduce electropollution and Geopathic Stress, improve air quality and optimize the subtle energy of the space with Feng Shui. We also offer intentional practices, mindfulness and meditation training to enhance well-being, performance and creativity.

Aspects Addressed in Creation:

  • Holistic Interior Design incorporating colors, textures, shapes and images are all considered to create a space the helps you get "into the zone"

  • Shielding materials such as paints, window films, fabrics may be used in the space to eliminate electropollution 

  • Filtration and ventilation may be used to improve air quality

  • Classes, seminars and programs are available to provide intentional practices for The Inzone that help you live and work better

Step 3: Maintaining the Zone

Over time, factors external and internal to the Inzone can shift and change. We recommend doing periodic tune-up visits to ensure that the space continues to hold all the positive and healthy qualities intended. We determine if any adjustments are needed and help facilitate them, as well as provide support for those using the Inzone to sustain optimal energy levels and engagement. 

Potential Maintenance Adjustments:

  • Electropollution dynamics from electronics, cell phone towers/antennas or internal wireless broadcasts

  • Geopathic Stress dynamics that may have shifted 

  • Air Quality issues, such as chemical off-gassing of materials, mold, dust, particulates, fresh air and filtration

  • Subtle energy issues and Feng Shui adjustments

  • Provide additional intentional practices or classes to support healthy habits for well-being and success 

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