Our holistic approach to interior design reflects your values, cultivates positive energy and uses healthy, sustainable materials. This creates a meaningful environment that supports individuals and organizations to thrive. 

Incorporating Feng Shui principles, we guide you through the design process and help you develop a plan that aligns with your objectives, budget and style. We provide design consulting for both commercial and residential environments.

Energize your space with intentional design.

The subtle energy within and around you affects how you think, feel and respond to life. The orientation and qualities of objects, colors, shapes, textures, imagery, art and decor in your environment tell a vibrational story, like a piece of music that is constantly playing in your space. When you choose design concepts that have an energetic rhythm supporting your intentions, you can feel the difference. 

Activating and infusing your intentional energy into the space creates another powerful level of dynamic energy flow. The physical objects within the environment can anchor your imprints, help attract beneficial energy and support your desired state of being within the environment. We help you identify your intentions and positively energize the space.

Healthy, Green Furnishings & Finishes

Choosing non-toxic finishes and furnishings that are sustainably sourced helps you maintain healthy indoor air quality and supports ecological responsibility. We help you source and research materials that fit your needs, desires and investment.