The Inzone™ Service:

Most modern home environments have environmental toxins that tax immunity and interfere with your ability to be your best self. The Inzone is an optimal, safe, eco-friendly space that supports your renewal and vitality. 

We help you to completely layout, design and create an optimal, healthy space that supports people to create healthy life patterns a consistent and sustainable way. 

We assist you in creating all aspects of The Inzone. Whether you are considering building new, or remodeling a space, The Inzone service supports you to plan and custom create the space to meet your specific needs and goals. We provide interior design services and coordinate the installation of all the materials, finishes and furnishings that create The Inzone.

We also provide complementary services such as mindfulness and meditation practices or techniques that optimize your use of The Inzone to receive the most benefits from this intentional space.  

  • Shielded from detrimental electromagnetic radiation (EMR) interferences
  • Furnished using healthy, green materials and designed to fit your needs and style 
  • These holistically designed rooms are energetically balanced using the principles of Feng Shui

The Inzone - Sleep & Rejuvenation 

It's estimated that at least 30 to 50% of the world's population is left tossing and turning at night, unable to get a quality night's rest. The quality of your sleep influences every aspect of your life.

The Inzone supports your ability to reach restorative sleep states, reduces stress and improves mental functions, so you can stay healthy and enjoy your life more fully. 

The Inzone - Personal Space 

Cultivating your personal energy, mental clarity and fitness is necessary for living a fulfilling, healthy and happy life.

The Inzone is the intentional space that allows you to embrace a conscious lifestyle. Having the designated healthy space that allows you to step away from the patterns of your life and care for your body, mind and spirit makes all the difference.